Deer Meadow Farm

Deer Meadow Farm was started in 1999 by Karl and Donna Mandl. The farm specializes in all natural heritage breed hogs. Our product is available at various stores in Harford County and at the Havre de Grace Farmer’s Market. We are also featured at local restaurants, including Laurrapin Grille in Havre de Grace, Maryland and Atwater’s location throughout Baltimore County. Deer Meadow Farm is a member of the Restaurant Association of Maryland and the American Berkshire Association.

Buy Local

Our hogs are raised in Harford County. We breed registered Berkshire hogs, which are known for the quality and exceptional flavor of their meat.

All Natural

We DO NOT use any steroids, hormones, or feed-grade antibiotics in our animals. Our hogs are feed a controlled diet of corn and soybean meal.

Retail Outlets

Our pork is available for sale at Wilson’s Farm Market in Hickory, Maryland and Harman’s Farm Market in Churchville, Maryland and at the farm by appointment – just email us..


We raise and sell only heritage breed pork. Our pork is all natural- no hormones, no steroids, no antibiotics. Our hogs are fed a controlled diet of corn and soybean meal that we grind on the farm.

Our consistent feeding program ensures that the pork you purchase today will taste the same as the pork you purchase next year.

We sell whole and half hogs, as well as individual cuts. Individual cuts are prepared and vacuum packed at our USDA inspected butcher, M&M Meats, located in Manchester, Maryland. Whole and half hog orders can be cut and packaged to each customer’s individual specifications.

Please see our price list for current pricing on our products.


Where can I purchase your retail products?

Wilson’s Farm Market in Hickory, Maryland. Wilson’s can be found here.

Harman’s Farm Market in Churchville, Maryland. Harman’s can be found here.

The Havre de Grace Farmers’ Market, in downtown Havre de Grace, Maryland. The Havre de Grace Market runs every Saturday from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm from May through October. Follow the Havre de Grace Farmer’s Market on Facebook here.

Directly at our farm – by appointment- please email us at to schedule an appointment.

Can I purchase whole or half hog from you?

Yes, you may contact us directly by phone or email to inquire as to whole or half hog purchases. Please see the price list for whole and half hog pricing.

Can I have the hog taken to the butcher of my choice?

We will deliver whole hogs only to the local butcher of your choice in either Harford County or Cecil County, Maryland. Or you may use our butcher, M&M Meats, located in Manchester, Maryland.

Will you deliver my order for a whole/half hog from the butcher?

If a customer uses our butcher, M&M Meats we will return the product to our farm for pick-up by the customer. If a customer chooses their own butcher, then the customer must make pick up arrangements with their butcher.

How do I give instructions to the butcher on my whole/half hog order?

If you use our butcher (M&M Meats), we will provide you with cutting instruction forms for you to complete. We will send the forms to the butcher for you and coordinate your instructions. If you choose another butcher, you are responsible for contacting the butcher and arranging all cutting instructions.

Is the butcher fee for a whole/half hog included in your price?

No, our price does not include the butcher fee. You are responsible for the payment of the butcher fee directly. If you use M&M Meats we will include the butcher fee in your overall invoice and provide you with a copy of the butcher’s invoice.

Your whole/half hog pricing says based on live weight, what is this?

Live weight is the weight of the animal when delivered to the butcher, before any processing is done. This weight will be determined after the animal is delivered to the butcher.



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